Don’t Look Unprofessional Online

In this current world we live in there is really no excuse for a small business to look unprofessional online. Yet I see it every single day and, honestly, it drives me crazy. With all the free resources, tools, and knowledge at our fingertips, it is not impossible to learn how to present yourself in a digital world.

With that off my chest, I’ve put together a little list of the common pitfalls that are easily remedied. 😀

Incorrect contact information. A sure way to create a bad impression is to have the wrong contact information on your website. My question would be: how exactly would you like a new client to contact you or are you no longer in business? This is an easy one to stay on top of.

Lack of brand consistency.  Your brand needs to remain consistent from website to social media to print. The same logo, the same colour palette, same fonts, same imagery, etc. Create a brand guideline and stick to it.

No custom domain. Not making the effort to obtain a custom domain name is an indication that you are not serious about your business. Together with the domain is your email. Generally, when you get a custom domain, then you are provided with a custom email as well. Using Gmail or Yahoo is just not professional and in no way inspires confidence.

Inactive social media. The only thing worse than not being on social media is having a company page with no activity. It creates the perception that you are either not serious or no longer operational. If you are just not able to post quality content on a consistent basis then rather hide the page until you are able to manage it properly.

No mobile website. The majority of your website visitors are going to come from mobile. That’s a fact. If your website is not mobile-friendly it will just be a poor experience for what could have been potential clients. Make sure you choose a responsive website builder for your website.

No attention to detail. You need to pay attention to things like spelling and grammar or using white text on light backgrounds (which means no one can read it). In this last week, I chose not to use the services of two different businesses. The one was a social media agency who spelled LinkedIn wrong on their website. The other had never thought to copy-check their website. I can assure you, these things are taken into account when making a purchasing decision.

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