Creating A Good Visual Identity

Visual identity plays an essential role in branding. Built on the foundation of your brand identity and outlined in your brand style guide, it’s the visible representation of a brand, from the logo and colours to the website and everything in between. Developing a strong visual identity can help create an emotional connection and build trust with customers.

The flipside though, that old saying “what you see is what you get”…. well, potential customers may feel there is no reason to give a visually unimpressive brand the benefit of the doubt. A poorly-designed identity can confuse customers with lacklustre messaging and disjointed graphics. Be serious about your brand so that potential customers can be serious about your business.

Let’s have a look at the critical elements that make up a good visual identity:

Suitability: Does your visual identity speak to your target audience? Does it convey your brand values and personality in a way that elicits the right emotion?

Distinctive: Ensure that your visual identity differentiates itself from competitors, while also standing out in the minds of consumers. Is it recognisable? Will consumers remember it?

Simple: Good designs are uncomplicated and easy to understand. For clarity sake, keep it simple.

Timeless: While your brand may evolve over time, develop a visual identity that can stay relevant throughout the evolution of your brand.

Functional: Remember, the visual identity you create needs to be able to work across digital, print, and more. Keep asking yourself if it can be reproduced across various mediums.