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Welcome to Gorecki Marketing. With a solid marketing background and 10 years in a space that was all about developing entrepreneurs, as well as being certified in both content marketing and SEO, I work with other businesses, serving as their digital marketing partner. The services provided include social media, brand development, content marketing, paid advertising, SEO and website design. 

True to the “Adventurer” personality type, both the Gorecki brand and myself are quirky, eccentric and brimming with creativity, approaching everything with an open mind and grounded warmth. 

So, let’s have a chat – I would love to begin a journey with you that leads to digital marketing success.  

With much love, Bronwyn

What’s In A Name:

I always knew that when I started my business, it would be named Gorecki.  The name of my favourite song, written and performed by the band Lamb. Louise, lead singer of Lamb, wrote the song after hearing Third Symphony (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs), which is composed by Henryk Górecki.  She explained that when listening to the symphony, she was overwhelmed with what she felt was a perfect moment in time.

The term, Gorecki Moment, is explained in the Urban Dictionary as follows:

A truly rare and special moment in one’s life when everything you have previously experienced seems to lead to this moment.